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Kozi Vodka, imported from Poland and distributed in Detroit, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois. Kozi Vodka is made with the combination of premium wheat that has been cleansed of all stems and waste with a multi-step process that leaves the taste recognized by connoisseurs and experts.

Gold Medal Winner

"Frosted cereal and custard pastry aromas have a hint of dried citrus and fig and follow through on a super smooth refreshing finish."

-Review from Tastings.com

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About Kozi Vodka

Produced in Poland's most famous distillery, Akwawit-Brasco SA, Kozi Vodka is an exclusive new vodka with a top shelf taste, with an inexpensive price. Kozi was introduced to the Chicago and Detroit market in 2008.

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Drink of the Month

Kozi Cranberry
A blend of refreshing cranberry juice with your favorite smooth Kozi Vodka poured over cubed ice in a high ball glass.

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